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Branding "The Stardust Century"podcast

TSC_FacebookHeaderArtboard 1@4x.png

The Stardust Century podcast is a comedy show based on the Twilight Zone. 

The client initially came to me looking for a header image and thumbnail. After consulting with the client we came to the conclusion he would also need a style sheet to help guide the visual look of the campaign for future graphics.

After some discussion we arrived at a color pallet, logo, fonts, as well as primary and secondary graphics for the podcast. 

The client was elated and a lot of fun to work with. 

TSC_StyleGuideArtboard 1@4x.png

Poster design for an event in the University of Montana Media Arts Department

Phonography is a sonic art form that uses live sounds and field recordings and is played back and mixed live. 

Email BlastHomewood.png

Email blast for Homewood suites

based off of a video I made for an animation competition.

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